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  • Control panel with 5 meters external data wire installaion

  • Humidity control range 45%-95%RH, accuarcy to 3%

  • 3 minutes delay start protection

  • Phase sequence error/phase missing protection

  • Refrigerant low pressure protection,Eco-friendly refrigerant

  • Error code display timely

  • Support function of timed on/off with memory setting

  • Support function of Rs485 connection for multiple units controlling

  • Support function of remote controlling

  • Automatically defrosting

Why DJDD-275P/DJDD-1601E

Industrial dehumidifiers have a pivotal impact on people's work and life in production and living environments. The control and regulation of humidity is an important issue related to the production process and material storage.

Model number DJDD-275P DJDD-1601E
Nominal dehumidification 275PPD 16OL/D
Power supply 220V/60Hz 220V/6OHz
Rated input power 1.3KW 1.8KW
Rated input current 5.9A 8.2A
Circulating air flow 900m³/h 1200m³/h
Applying area 100-130m² 130-170m²
Humidity control range 40%-95% 40%-95%
Drainage way Hose connection Hose connection
Working temperature range 5~38°C 5~38°C
Refrigerant R407c/R410a R407c/R410a
Noise ≤50db ≤60db
Compressor type Rotary Rotary
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year
Standard packaging Wooden case Wooden case
Certification CE CE
Weight 55 kg 57 kg
Overall size 711 x 615 x 433mm 760 x 660 x 463mm

Working Principle

The principle of the dehumidifier is-to discharge theair vapor-cooled self-condensing liquid through daocooling,reduce the air humidity,and achieve thedehumidification effect. The working principle is topass the compressor dao,two devices (evaporator,condenser),capillary tube,and The refrigerant in thecopper pipe changes from a high-temperature andhigh-pressure gas to a low-temperature and low-pressure liquid.The air inhaled into the machine has alarge temperature difference, which quickly condenseswater droplets and slides into the drain box throughthe two fins to reduce the air humidity and achievethe effect of dehumidifcation.


The dehumidifier should be installed in a place with air circulation, and avoid placing it in dead corners, causing short circuits in the air flow and failing to achieve the required dehumidification effect. At the same time, the dehumidifier should be placed on a firm and flat floor to avoid vibration and noise. Also, avoid direct sunlight or close to heating appliances.