New technology--film type dehumidifier

Film type dehumidifier is a particular dryer technology based on advanced membrane separation technic different from traditional dehumidifier. It can provide clean and dry compressed air fastly, dew point -20℃~-40℃, zero energy consumption. Film type dehumidifier has the advantage of simple structure and safety. It come out different capacity and dew point based on real requirement of user. The key part “Hollow fiber membrane” can be used in cleaner condition without filter.

Working principle

The film type dehumidifier has the special hollow fiber membrane which has good performance of water molecules selection permeability. When the damp air pass through hollow fiber membrane pipe, the water molecules will be absorbed and moved from thin membrane wall to another side of pipe under the action of water vapor pressure differential on both sides of the membrane, it finish the water-gas separation after exhaust the dried air from out let of membrane pipe. It’s a continuous dry processing with the water molecules diffusing everlastingly out under the differential of vapor pressure, no waiting time for the dry air get.

Unique technology advantage


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