Hot industry which need to pay more attention on dehumidification

Electronic industry (Electronic workshop, SMT dust-free workshop, electric room, waste process plant etc)

Refrigerating industry(air-conditioned cold store, central air conditioner, fresh air system, HVAC etc)

Plant and breed industry (greenhouse, edible mushrooms,organic vegetables, seed plant, domestic animal farm etc)

Textile industry (textile workshop, rotor spinning, printing, silk printing, garments factory etc)

Food industry (rice storage, chocolate workshop, supermarket, hotel etc)

Electromechanical(hardware, electromechanical, machinery etc)

Public area(Hotel, club, bath house, underground parking, metro station etc)

Building industry

 Humidity requriement, it’s more and more attentioned by people nowadays in the fast growing of technology, it’s important not only for the factilities running but also for the heath of people. How to control the humidity?

TOJJE has over 15 years experience focused on industrial dehumidifier, our products are sold to countries like Georgia, Uzbekistan, Peru, Bangladesh, USA, Egypt etc, it's welcomed to be used in factories of garments, chocolate, rice and public area of parking, shopping mall, library, museum, indoor swimming pool etc.After 15 years fast growing, Shuyi Appliance has established one trustworthy and strong team to provide reliable quality dehumidifiers and humidifiers to global clients. We have reached the advanced level of humidity control technology in the world. Now the company is one of manufacturer that has ability of independent research and development with experienced technology team.


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