How to set up the industrial dehumidifier correctly


Nowadays, most of factories have bigger size workshop and warehouse, it will be covered by moisture in the rain season, it’s hard to control the high increased humidity, so any risk will be happened in damp situation. The production facilities in workshop will be rusty to cause hight malfunction rate even fail to running normally. The product pass percent will be down and cause high wastage. So many factories start to find best solution to dehumidify the workshop. Which is the best solution? The industrial dehumidifier is the most suitable one for workshop dehumidification. Industrial dehumidifier is used to dehumidify workshop and office which required highly of air humidity., it can keep the humidity in a specified rage. What’s the right way to set up industrial dehumidifeir in workshop or office? Hereunder you can find key point.

1. Position: away from human being to avoid harm.

2. It has high heat dissipation and high voltage, pay attention on the safty using

3. The humidity around dehumidifer is higher, so need to set up the dehumidifier  away from other appliance and furniture at least 1 meter to avoid damage.

4. Use the machine on flat firm floor inside room. Don't put objects in front of air inlet for better efficiency.

5. Don't use the machine in the environment with combustible, explosive, corrosive air or dusty.

6. Do keep at least 50cm space for ventilation around the machine.


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