Industrial dehumidifier application in dehumidification of basement warehouse


Most of company or manufacturer will use the space of basement as a warehouse to stock raw-material or finishing goods, it will reduce running cost and make high efficiency of space using rate. But how to control the ambient humidity will be a bothering thing for the client.

The important problem to use industrial dehumidifier in basement warehouse is that the drainage of condensing water.Normally, there will have a plash to collect all the domestic water and waste water of whole building which cannot drain out from basement, then drain out by a pump. If basement don't have a plash to process waste water, you can contact with TOJJE to customize a industrial dehumidifier with water tank to drain out by pump.TOJJE will revise control board to connect water level controller of water tank, it will sovle drainage problem of dehumidifier working in basement.

Besides dehumidification of enterprise basement warehouse, it will also have the damp problem in some public area, like basement switch board room of stadium, underground parking area etc. We have to keep the humidity around RH55% to avoid any safty risk. It's really easy to select suitable model of industrial dehumidifier, TOJJE will provide detailed offer with information of space size, humidity & temperature requirement, drainage condition, structure of your basement, you can make the desicion based on the offer.


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