Fast dehumidifying solution for manaufacturer workshop


    The RH will reach highly to 80%~90% in work shop every summer, even there will be a thin layer of water on the ground and facilities, it will cause big harm with oxidation and rusting to effect facilities stablely running. We need to keep the ambient humidity around 60% to protect the facilities and products avoid damp.The main reason of humidity produce:one is the high absolutly humidity, one is temperature difference of indoor and outdoor.The air absolutely humidity of ambient is totally high in summer, when the high temperaure air come into indoor from outdoor and meet cool wall or facilities or thermal conductor,the heat of air will be absorbed, it will come into being phenomenon of moisture condensation when the air temperature under dew piont, that's where the moisture come from. So, the best solution to solve damp issue of workshop is to absorb the water of air to control the absolutely humidity.

    TOJJE industrial dehumidifier is the professional facility which use this theory to dehumidify the workshop fastly. TOJJE dehumidifier has the professional refrigerating system with famous brand compressor to down the temperature under ice point flashily, so it can dehumidify the water of air maximumlly to dry air. TOJJE dehumidifier use world famous brand compressor with high and stable heat exchange rate by all full copper pipe, it has advantage of high refrigerating effect, stable performance and power full dehumidifying.

    When you have plan to set up dehumidifiers to dehumidify workshop, it's necessary to evaluate space size, structure and working condition of workshop to select suitable quantity and model of dehumidifier to have best dehumidifying effect. It will have best situation of air when the dehumidifying capacity is reach the indoor humidity requirement for fast dehumidifying.  Now select your own TOJJE dehumidifier to protect your facilities and products away from the moisture and any safty risk caused by moisture, to protect production of manufacturer safty and orderly.

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