Applying area, structure and theory of thermostatic dehumidifier

TOJJE thermostatic dehumidifier use evaporator to dehumidifying and adjust air temperature, and recycle the condensing heat of system to replace air heat when in cooling and dehumidifying.It's a high efficiency dehumidifying way and widely used in area which need temperature and humidity requirement, such as national defence project,air-raid shelter,tobacco industry, petrochemical industry, metro station,air clean project in aerospace industry,laboratory, electric facilities, archives,food industry,pharmaceutical industry etc.

In the area which has different kinds of climate with big difference of temperature between winter and summer, it is not satisfy with actual requirement by the tradional dehumidifier or dryer system.So, it needs thermostatic dehumidifier to control both temperature and humidity in multiple areas to have best dehumidifying effect.The main difference of function between thermostatic dehumidifier and normal dehumidifier is that thermostatic dehumidifier has the function to adjust the temperature up or down except dehumidifying.It used in special condition which need strict temperature control as well as humidity requirement, temperature control range 18~28℃,humidity 40~80% RH.

TOJJE thermostatic dehumidifier use split type with indoor unit and outdoor unit, and with refrigerating system including compressor,four-way valve,outdoor heat exchanger,indoor 1st & 2nd heat exchanger,expansion valve etc by connecting with refrigerant pipe.It use famous brand spare parts like full seal refrigerating compressor,expansion valve and solenoid vavle etc. And the touch screen is used on the machine with intelligent operation, it can display the running status and malfunction.The machin has the advantage of high efficiency,silence running,big air volume.


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